About Us


Who we Are

 We are a group of seasoned Haitian Christian Artists coming together to create a network and a platform for other Haitian Christian Artists to support them, to develop them and to promote them via countless tools of marketing and production in order to have a strong Christian Music Sector.


We know the Market

We have a good relationship and a great deal of experiences dealing with pastors, leaders, artists, musicians, producers, promoters, media personalities and above all, the people. We know what to do and whom to contact to make things happen.

We Know the Needs

We see the struggles, we live through the challenges, we share the burden, we suffer the lack of quality, the lack of support. We see the mediocrity, the despair, the discouragement. We know what’s going wrong and we want to improve the situation.

We Care For The Future

We’ve met and talked to several upcoming artists and musicians. They have so much potential and hopes and dreams. Some of them are not even aware of the so many barriers that will either slow them down or kill their dreams. We are here to ensure they have a less bumpy ride than we had.

We Don’t Complain, We Foster Positive Change

We understand how unstructured the market is for Haitian Christian artists and musicians. But we do value all the opportunities given since this is a sector in its early stage of development. Instead of criticizing those who came before us or the current actors, we decide to become agents of change for the better.

This is a daunting and challenging task. But we know God will us along with thousands of concerned Christians like yourself to leave something better for the next generation.


Our Current Projects

VIP Treatment in PAP Airport for APA Artists
Creating a Pastors’ Network For APA Artists
Creating a Radio/TV Hosts Network for APA Artists
Creating a Recording Studio Network for APA Artists
Online Store for Haitian Christian Artists (ApaStore)
Creating an Actionable Music Sector Database

Artists, Worshipers & Musicians, you don’t have to go it alone.

What current APA members are saying

I know I have the talents and the calling. But because of my limited means and connections, I also know I would never be able to produce an album the way I dream about. Today I am a recorded artist thanks to APA.

I was told my style doesn’t fit the Haitian Christian Music sector. I was even afraid to introduce my talents to people. Joining APA changed everything. Today, I’m more or less well known as a performing and recorded artist.