Some of Our Goals



It’s circa impractical to unite all the artists and musicians of the sector. But, though challenging, it is possible to gather several of them toward the same goals.


Improve production quality by creating a network of producers, recording studios and a review team to ensure meaningful lyrics and great music creation.

Market Analysis

APA artists will benefit from a wide range of market analyses to better promote their products and themselves while increasing performance opportunities.

Sales & Income Increase

Improve the financial positions of APA artists by creating a network among pastors to circulate their products, an online store and an Event-Organizing APA Board to maximize financial profits.

Investment & Financial Security

APA artists should not have to recourse to “cotization” when certain life events hit. A wide range of investment tools will be made available to encourage financial security

Artist Development

Using seminars and several other education tools, APA members will be constantly encouraged to grow so they can make better ministry decision for themselves.

Artist Promotion

APA artists will benefit from a wide range or promotion campaigns. Greater exposure online, in church events and especially in live performances will place the artists before audiences to ensure face and name recognition.

Global Reach

A marketing team will push both APA products and APA artists aggressively for our members to reach markets beyond their individual frontiers.













Some Facts in Numbers

We need a sector that can support our artists financially or we will keep losing them to other non-Haitian communities.

3500 +

Active Artists (US & Canada) Performing


Living Only from their Music

Our Original Members


Tibob De Nazareth


Roi David

Original Member

Prince Djecko

Original Member

Schindler Auguste

Original Member

Complete & Submit this Application to Join APA.

Veuillez compléter et soumettre l’application ci-contre pour devenir un des membres d’APA.


Please Read (Lisez la Suite SVP)

-____ The submission is not an automatic acceptance of membership. Someone will reach out back to you for a short interview. Contractual documents will have to be signed and submitted thereafter.

         (Vous ne devenez pas membre AUTOMATIQUEMENT après la soumission de cette forme. Une entrevue s’en suivra et des documents doivent être signés et soumis ci-après.


-____ You MUST be a CHRISTIAN by faith and by religious practice to be qualified as a member. 

         (Vous devriez être CHRETIEN de foi et de pratique religieuse pour devenir membre.)   


-____ Whether you are male, female, an artist, a worshiper, a musician -recorded or not- living anywhere on  earth, you are qualified to be a member. Artists write their own compositions and perform mostly in church, concerts and festivals. Worshipers usually sing interpretations and perform mostly in church, revivals and fasting services.

You don’t NEED to be a musician or a Pastor to qualify. And whichever your music style, you are welcome. We collect this kind of information to better be aware of our resources base in order to more effectively meet our goals.


         (Que vous soyez homme, femme, artiste, adorateur ou musicien -avec albums publiés ou pas- demeurant n’importe où sur terre, vous  êtes qualifié à être membre.  Un artiste, en général, exécute ses propres chansons à l’église, dans des concerts ou festivals. Alors qu’un adorateur chante normalement des interprétations d’autres auteurs à l’église, dans les réveils ou services de jeûne.

Il n’est NULLE OBLIGATION d’être musicien ou Pasteur pour être qualifié. Et quel que soit votre style musical, vous êtes le bienvenu. Nous recueillons ces informations pour mieux connaître nos ressources et en disposer sciemment pour l’accomplissement de nos buts.) 


-____ Thank you for visiting and for your interest in becoming a member of APA. We need artists, worshippers and musicians like yourself to change the face of our Haitian Christian Music Sector. GOD BLESS!


         (Merci de votre visite et de votre intérêt à joindre APA. Nous avons besoin d’artistes, d’adorateurs et de musiciens comme vous pour changer la face du Secteur Musical Chrétien Haïtien. SOYEZ BENI!)